Friday 18 March 2016

How to Deposit Money Or Provide help in MMM South Africa.

Follow the steps as per shown below in pics. 

1. Click Accounts Option 

2. Then click Add Button 

3. It will show you the form to fill your bank details on right side.

4.  Then fill all necessary details of your bank and Click Save Buton
(It is important to provide and get help)

5. Then after this click on Dashboard and then click on Provide Help Green Button.

6. Please turn on that checkbox and click Next.

7. Then on next screen, Select Other Bank option and confirm that above is ZAR currency. Click Next
(Its only for South Africa Participants)

8. Then type how much ZAR you want to deposit or provide help.  Example 10000 ZAR. Then Click Select Button.

9. Then again fill same amount in below box and turn on  Checkbox of  Get a Bonus or 20$......
Then Click Next

10. On next screen It will ask you to type Captcha code on right side Box.
then type it and click Next.

Your Provide Help request is accepted. After this within 1 hour to 1 month. System will send you a link on left side, below provide help green button.  That link is containing the Bank details of that person in which account you need to deposit the money to confirm your Bought currency of deposited amount.  So you need to wait for order and Please check your ID daily twice for it. 
When you will have order to deposit money into that person account. You will be allowed to deposit within 48 Hours after creating order.  So be careful that time.  If you will not be able to deposit on time and upload slip on that link then Your ID will be blocked from system.  
Always Deposit Your Extra Or Free Money Because You are Helping someone and tomorrow you will get help by someone from MMM Community. 

if you have any problem just comment below this post and i will answer. 
Thanks & Good Luck