MMM Mission



MMM is a Revolution For Each And Everyone Of You

**MMM - To Fight Against Financial Slavery** 

MMM is a Global Mutual Mutual Aid Fund. The bottom line is that it is a voluntary informal network of millions of people across the earth, who rise up against the financial slavery. Decided to declare war against the Federal Reserve and the bankers and to win this war! 

**MMM - To Help People All Around The World**

Decided to combine their money for this cause. Let each individual have small, but a lot of people, which turns into millions, and together is a force. This is tremendous power! Invincible! and which is growing every day. MMM! It's yours. Here, people help each other.

-Principle of MMM-
Today you help someone - Tomorrow you will be helped out! 

"Join MMM, and let your money help those who actually  need help! Low-income, disabled, pensioners ..
Mother of many children. Love your neighbor! Help him."

MMM makes sense - of belonging. That you are not alone! That when in you are in a difficult time you can lean on, and somebody will come to your rescue. That  you — are not thrown. MMM is the cell of a new  society, a brighter and cleaner one. New world. Where there is no money. 

**MMM - To Make Human Life Better**

For personal satisfaction and for the benefit of the whole society, All people must join in this revolution To make Human Life Better.  Where good will conquer evil finally. All of this - will be. Absolutely true!  Welcome to the System! P.S. And more. We appeal to all the participants who  insult our mutual aid fund and call it a financial pyramid scheme. It is better to pay attention to banks, insurance companies (which are really a pyramid in its most chemically pure form!), the Pension Fund ... yes Dollar is the same!

**MMM- Opening People's Eyes, Showing  The Truth**

But only MMM speaks openly and honestly about the fact that we are surrounded by a pyramid. Only MMM says that we are cheated. When we make money almost dying, and then some blood sucking parasites make money out of thin air.  MMM not only opens people's eyes showing the truth, but also removes the social tension helping people in a difficult moment for them.

**MMM- Solving Problem Of Religious Conflicts**

Mavrodians, helping each other regardless of their religion will never go for other conflict. MMM thus solves the problem of religious conflicts that often lead to bloodshed.

**MMM - Ideology Aimed At Strengthening The System Of Every Country**

The life of every citizen is dependent upon the power and wealth of the country.  That is why we call on all participants to provide help to the country through a system of tax, even with the amounts that Mavrodian received as help in MMM. With this kind of support you are Helping each other to buy the goods that was difficult to buy yesterday without this kind of support, this in turn increases the purchasing capacity of an individual.

**MMM- A Revolution Against Current Economy Structure** 

Federal Reserve System is the central banking system of U.S. It was created on Dec 23rd, 1913.The system refers to the US Federal Reserve Bank as well as those banks that own the Federal Reserve itself. This resulted in the massive accumulation of wealth in the hands of small number of individuals, financial institutions and corporations whose combined powers allows them to exercise effective control of the US and the world economy. With this concentration of power in the hands of a small oligarchy, it has facilitated control over the world economy causing inflation and the over supply of money. Thus  the gap between the wealthy and the poor is escalating and will continue to do so while the current economic system continues.
This fact is very positive influence over the economy. In general MMM today is giving benefit to everyone and so who is fighting with us today, only a handful of bankers behind the Federal Reserve. But they have money all over the world today and it is a powerful information and power resource. Therefore, our enemy is strong. But nothing can overcome.

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