Thursday 22 May 2014

Success Secret of MMM Ideology

Ideology of MMM is to circulate MAVRO currency among Common people all over the world. We are now treating Mavro as an alternate to the US Dollar which is currently controlled by the Federal Reserve System , owned by the Rothschild family. Mavro is controlled by each and every participant of MMM all over the world. Participant has the right to grow his Mavro in his virtual cabinet.
If we want to be successful in creating MAVRO as world Currency, we need to CIRCULATE MAVRO in a big way.
Please do not treat MMM as investment plan. You need to circulate MAVRO regularly just like how you deposit and withdraw money from your bank. Similarly you need to PROVIDE Help and GIVE Help regularly. For example: If you provided help of 10000 INR @ 30% your virtual account grows to 13000 INR at the end of the month, you need to withdraw some money and do a new provide help so that there is circulation going on continuously among the participants.

MONEY, WATER & BLOOD should not be stuck in one place.. it should be always flowing from one place to another and due to this it remains clear and long lasting.
So friends just don't sit ... make your money on the move so that your MAVRO grows world wide.

Long Live MMM
Together we can do a lot!!

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