Sunday 30 March 2014


1. There is no connection between Sergei Mavrodi and Mavrocoin. It is the same Hyip as the hundreds others. 

2. There will be no RESTARTS anymore. All tools have been made. Have a look at your neighbors – the Indonesia, they work one year already and have no restarts and will not have. So keep calm and develop the system. 

3. SMS centre problems had been sold. Now everyone will get sms without problems. 

4. We now open the possibility to use the national bank system and national currency as it was before because of the participants’ requests and due to the India problems with electronic currency purchase. But you all need to point bank details in Accounts before purchase.

5. Now with the chance to identify participants because of rupee appearance we introduce the proved instrument of Mavro share for new participants. All those who came to the system for the first time will get 600 rupees and the manager gets 150. It will help you to develop the system. But take into consideration that all this gifts were made only to show the new one the principle of our work and to point that everything works. To help him, become an active participant and so he will bring many new participants to the system. 

6. PERFECT money and BITCOIN purchase will still remain so you may also buy Mavro in a USD zone. Everyone also may register new participants all over the world, not only in India. New participants will chose to purchase Mavro for RUR, USD, EUR and Indian Rupee. 

7. We have changed all the employees and made a manager as an online consultant which will give answer to all the questions during the webinars online. So if you have any questions you may feel free to ask the online consultant on the MMM website to help you. 

8. We now have no possibility to hold conferences for the system participants. Speakers that would like to speak make your video and send it to CRO, we will choose the best and give them chance to make a speech on the MMM website

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