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Common man should know the actual meaning of MONEY / CURRENCY. When this currency was introduced, common man tried leaps and bounds to keep this money with him but was not able to keep it with him. Common man was found following money similar to a rat and mouse. What is the reason for this?

Money was introduced several thousand years ago, by a small group of royal political elites as the supreme tool of enslavement of the masses. Since the very first introduction of money, this small group of very powerful individuals have controlled the printing and supply of money, and thereby control the activities on planet Earth.

• Money is the obstacle to all progress
• The cause of all misery on Earth.
• Money is the major contributing factor to the gross separation and segregation in society.
• Money is the cause of 99% of crime.
• Money causes families to fall apart.
• Money is the driving force behind these deadly sins and ego, gluttony, jealousy, greed, envy, lust and all the ugliest aspects of humanity.
• Money has been the motive behind most of the wars of the past 2000 years and funded by the bankers, often funding both sides for maximum profit and control.

The main reason behind this that we have not yet understood the way how this money was created and what needs to be done. The real fact is we are giving more priority to money. We have made money as GOD and do not even think of living without money.
Money has been created by a few very rich family (The FEDERAL RESERVE) hundreds of years ago. They had the only intension to have as much as the money in their control so that common man does not have any access to it. Their intension was to create poverty and they fight each other and make them slaves. The currency which Federal Reserve created was the DOLLAR and this family made a monopoly so that all the controls stay with the FEDERAL RESERVE. Lot of organizations tried to end the monopoly of the Dollar but were not successful as their agitations did not last for long time. These agitations were crushed by the Federal Reserve and its heads. Nor these groups grew together to fight against the dollar monopoly. To end this regime of The Federal Reserve it requires a long term thoughts and equally massive organization.

For the past 2000 years we have been observing the regimes of such families and ruling the common man and treating him as his slave. The only solution to end this is to end the current currency system, so that no one in this community will remain in poverty nor anyone will remain rich and try to control common man.  These high class families have created such classes called the RICH and the POOR, the more money you have the more RICH you are and if you don’t have any money you are termed as POOR, we need to end this.

If we need to change this scenario then we need to unite together and give a thought for a CHANGE. Sergey Mavrodi thought on this and believed that together we can end the rule of the Federal Reserve and its Dollar monopoly. So he introduced a self adjusting community called MMM and challenged the Federal Reserve and its monopolies. MMM is the unique system in the world which really has the ability to destroy the current dollar monopoly. For this every common man must come together in this system to fight them for their rights and live a good life.

The ideology of Sergey Mavrodi clearly wants to end the Federal Reserve and declared a war with the help of establishing another parallel currency called “THE MAVRO” which can be widely used by common man. He has allowed individuals to join this program of spreading “THE MAVRO” currency those who have the willingness to HELP other people. Just as the Federal Reserve controls the creation and supply of dollar, Sergey Mavrodi has allowed common man to circulate this VIRTUAL MAVRO CURRENCY among common people. Lot of people across the globe are now doing a wide circulation of MAVRO CURRENCY. India is a huge country and we need to circulate Mavros in each and every house in the country.
Lets come together and spread the correct ideology of Sergey Mavrodi and Mavro Currency.
Long Live MMM

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