Sunday, 30 March 2014


MMM enter the 50% preferential deposit for new members :))
As you all know (and talk about this in comments actively) we have the problem with new members. We have so many registrations after we have introduced the elephant share, but real deposits are made only by few. Many of them just take this 600 and go away. They even didn’t understand the meaning of this free money and what it was at all? :)) I mean the action is profitable, (Not everyone yet take everything and disappear :)), but we would like to rise up this profit :))
In this case!
The new members (those who didn’t bring their money – 600 bonuses are not in count, registration moment also) will be free to buy MAVRO 50%. So they can put their money not for 30%, but for 50%. They can sell this MAVRO at any time, so it is not a deposit, just a usual investment. There are no restrictions.
This will cause no load to the system; we have the same 50% on the 3 month deposits; but the new members might be encouraged. Let’s see, try. I hope now you will feel more free to agitate others :))
We can a lot!
This action is available till the 7th of April. Further we will see. Check by the results. :)

सभी के लिए शुभ समाचार।
हर नए प्रोवाइड हेल्प पर, वह भी जिन्होंने अभी तक प्रोवाइड हेल्प नहीं किया है, आप अब ३०% के जगह पर ५०% का चुनाव कर सकते है ,
इस प्रोवाइड हेल्प कि कोई समय सीमा नहीं है, जिस प्रकार ३०%कि अवधी १ माह कि है।
जब भी ये कन्फर्म हो जाये आप उसे उसी समय गेट हेल्प कर सकते है।
यह सुविधा सिर्फ ७ अप्रैल २०१४ तक के लिए है। 

" लॉन्ग लीव एम एम एम"

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